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What car is this .

Leif Holmberg

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I have been looking in my American Cars book 1500 pages and the closest I could find was Mercer 1915,but it doesn`t looks right,even 1921-1922 American,1917 Darling six ,1921 Hanson and 1918 Jordan has a similar windshield.

I appreciate your help. Leif in Sweden.

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Bleach I`M not sure what it`s,but I have search on European sites but haven`t found anything as close as the US cars I told about.Sometimes I wonder if the radiator shrud on the car is removed? it looks a little bit strange to me.

This car is on Swedish Automobile History Club:s (AHK) unidentified car no.9.

Leif in Sweden.

Automobilhistoriska Klubben Mässing & Nickel

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