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1929 Dodge Brothers Sedan?


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Hi thanks for all the help .Is ther someone in the CT that you guys trust that can help me with my 1931? I'm not sure the order to put her back together

Hi Rsc

Where in CT do you live? I have a 31 Coupe.

Send me a private message with your phone # and we'll talk.


Joe C.

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You can see which cylinder head bolts the horn is supposed to be located under in this photo. Yes, that's me at 17.

John and I were both pretty young when we took delivery of our DBs. :) Here I am at 13 years of age with my first car and I still have it. As you can see flat tops were "the thing to have". I've been tinkering with my Dodge for a long time. Here I am after giving her a fresh coat of paint with a brush...,:confused:kids do the darndest things, huh?



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