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1971 Buick Press release pages/photos

Guest stage71@att.net

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Guest stage71@att.net


This is not a complete press kit. There are two pages of info dated 9/23/70, and several glossy photos, not all from the same kit. One photo is in color. I know there are photos from at least two different kits in here because I bought some of the pictures seperately. I also know this because not all press kits were identical. I have two photos of the same Skylark, same licence plate, almost same angle,same background, only the model is different, one African American, and one White. So if you already have a complete press kit, this would make it even more complete, and interesting to say the least.If you need further descriptions as to what these items contain, and what their function was, just ask. The items I'm listing come from my collection that I put together from the early 80's to mid 90's. If you are interested in purchasing the entire collection, I would discount the price. I can combine shipping costs, and will get you prices on shipping options. I do take paypal, or postal money orders. The price on these press kit items is $20.

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