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More radicalness....diesel engine. Fired the engine for a few seconds. Then a couple of little boys ran up and one said, "Take the engine back out!" The owner didn't understand until his wife said, " they want you to start it up again". He gladly obliged, thrilling a couple of more youngsters who will hopefully turn into gearheads when they "grow up".









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Classic Ford in a classic color. I told a man standing nearby that I believe I saw this car in a movie. Or it was an exact copy of the car in the movie. The movie is 11.22.63, written by Stephen King, about a man who travels back in time. The twin of this car (or this car) is driving down the street every time he goes back in time and arrives in the early 60's.





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Wow, has it been two years? I'm ashamed to say it has been. While I haven't been doing much to the Avanti I have been taking it out regularly and enjoying nice drives every few weeks. A busy couple of years it has been, sold a house, rented a house, bought a house, lost a job, moved twice and rehabbed the house we bought. Naturally there are still many items on the to do list so we get to look forward to those things  as well as Avanti stuff as winter starts to creep our way.


A year ago I bought a set of factory headers and associated downpipes from Studebaker International. I figured I would get around to installing them soon enough, but as noted above we bought a house and worked on it for a couple of months, then moved into it, etc. etc. Last October, while still searching for a house, I called my brother Brian to ask his professional opinion about some real estate related questions. He has an Avanti also (it's what hooked me on them in the first place) and has posted on this thread in the past, so we talked about my Avanti also and the headers, etc. He had invited me to bring my Avanti over before and put it up on the lift in his garage. During this conversation he extended the invitation again and I replied that I would like to do that so I could get the headers on and perform a few other necessary things to the car as well. He said he needed to do a bit of cleanup in the garage a move his old Mustang out to make room for my Avanti. I said, "Lets's do it - the Avantis will be side by side in there". So we agreed to get things together and have an Avanti fix-up weekend soon.


Time slipped by and before I knew it 9 months or so had passed. Then one day in late July I got a call. Brian had passed away suddenly. "No, no, no", was all I could say to my sister, who had delivered the sad news. But it was true, my Avanti brother was gone at the age of 64. Our opportunity to have that time together with our cars was gone with him. In the ensuing weeks I have thought about selling my Avanti, but I go back and forth on it. A visit to the annual Labor Day car show (pictures to follow soon) has me leaning toward keeping it. We shall see I guess.....


I will post some pics of the headers later, along with some car show pics. 

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Thank you Paul. We always think we have more time than we do....


I cut my post short earlier because my wife wanted me to join her on the back patio to enjoy the early evening. When I went out there she showed me a picture she was able to take of a fox that was treading around by the woods. It's like a wild kingdom back there - very nice little spot if you like nature as we do.


Here are some pictures I took of the headers today. I'm going to plan on trying to get these babies on in the next month or two. Fingers crossed.





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I mentioned the Labor Day car show that I went to on Monday. Sort of a tradition now I guess, even though I didn't go last year because it was way too hot out. This year was much nicer weather and you could tell by the crowd. This 1961 "letter car" was one of my favorites - I don't believe it has been there before. Check out the dual quad setup! I asked the owner if he had any trouble with vapor lock, as the right side carb sits right on top of the exhaust manifold. He said no, but it takes a gallon of gas and a bunch of cranking to get her started.


Site is not letting me upload the pics. Let me try something....

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Another favorite of mine. I love the '62 Bel Air and Biscaynes, especially the bubble tops. I didn't care for the wheels on this one but just about everything else was nice! I like that color too. I neglected to get a picture of the motor, but it was a small block, no 4 oh 9!









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This gentleman had an old Ford pickup truck with an attached trailer, upon which rode an old flathead V8. I honestly can't figure out what year the truck is, but it was a very nice restoration job. I was looking at the left side of the flathead V8 and wondering what the display did. I could see it was all set up to run so I figured it operated something. While looking at it the man, who was seated nearby, stood up and asked me if I wanted to see it run. "Sure," I said. He motioned me to come around to the right side of the engine and that's when I saw that that side of the engine did not have the head on it. I sort of chuckled and wondered what the game was. The man set the choke on the carb, turned the key and the engine fired and ran smooth as could be. The pistons plunged up and down with pretty amazing speed for an engine at fast idle and the valves opened and closed just like they are supposed to. I was kind of flabbergasted, as I had never seen anything like that before. The engine ran on the left four cylinders and gave any spectator the opportunity to see how an internal combustion engine works.


I returned to the area several times and watched as people would approach and have a look and the man would get up and fire the old V8 up. Invariably the person watching would motion for someone else with them to "check it out". I watched one man call out to his teen daughter and show her how an engine works. She was very interested in it. It was all fascinating to watch, the highlight of the show for me I think. I also captured a video of the motor running - not sure if I can post it here but I will try..








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