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NOS parts that have me stumped. What do they fit??


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I have some NOS parts I have been going round and round in circles to identify. I have really good parts books as well as picture books. Even after hours of searching the web I am still stumped as to their application.

The bumper guard I actually have a pair of and is really similar to that used on a 69 Dodge Dart but it's not quite right. Unfortunately that has no markings on the steel guard or even the rubber strip when you take it apart.

The Ashtray is probably Mopar 1950's-1960s' but I can't narrow it down more.

THe hood ornament may actually be a fender side ornament and the casting number would suggest it's GM late 1960's-early 1970's. The way it's made it looks like it fits in a longer, probably, stainless moulding.

Any help would be appreciated. These parts are better on a car than my shelf.








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Not Cricket. More like 1966 or 1967 Dodge Coronet or Charger, I believe...

Not with that deep indentation on the back. Either the bumper these were meant to protect has a very heavy lip extending from it, or these guards were meant to hang below a very thin bumper like on the Cricket.

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