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1928 Dodge Fast Four Speedo needed

Guest jpoole

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I am searching for a speedo for a 28 DB fast four. It must be 80mm diameter.

Attached the images of the 'old' one, and what many say should fit, but its too big. Seems the smaller one was only fitted for a year or 2?? Image of the panel it fits into attached

Any ideas on what brand might fit otherwise or other options? this is the last part needed before this car is finished. Any help appreciated.




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There is no number on the back.

Would the original have been a Stewart Warner speedo??

the spare you have, do you think it will fit? whats are its dimensions


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The speedometer you are looking for would have a bracket on the back so that the speedometer can be clamped to the oval bezel. Also the connection to the cable would come out at an angle, not straight from the bottom. I have bits and pieces of a couple speedometers that I used to make one good speedometer. Unfortunately there is a lot of pot metal in the things and it tends to expand and either crack or seize the parts that are suppose to move.

If you need pictures let me know.


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