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Identify this Car?

Guest dzplay

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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to identify this car. it was in the process of being rebuilt, so there are no good clues. The owner has pasted and now i am trying to figure out what to do with it.

Supposedly new paint job and new engine. everything else looks like it needs much work.

If anyone has any idea what car/model it is, please let me know.

Also, any opinions as to what this MIGHT sell for, or if there would be any interest for such a car model/body?





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That's a Spitfire 1500. It's a late 70's. Mid 79 through 81 had a black front bumper. 1981 was the last model year. I worked on a 79 back in 83 that had a failed overdrive unit. You had to pull the engine together with the transmission just to get the transmission out.

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They're fun when they're running well, which is seldom. I was in the British car business in the last, dark years of British Leyland. All of the late MGs and Triumphs were perfectly wretched cars. The Spitfires were, especially tinny with interiors that self destructed within a year or two. The single carb, smog motors and the early Lucas electronic ignitions were horrid. That being said, since it probably doesn't need to be smogged anymore, it could be made into a nice car. Loose all of the EPA crap, stick a good ignition in it, an early two carb setup, some good shocks and suspension bushings, a good exhaust system and have fun

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definitely a Triumph Spitfire. Lucas sucked, also to meet smog in California, my TR-6 had vacuum retard on the timing, but someone disconnected it. with a 12 to one head and cam you get back to the 150HP European equivalent. and 6500 rpm, verse stock 5000

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thanks everyone...

yeah, hard to tell what year it is exactly, and from a little bit of googling seems like it could be the spitfire mk IV

but haven't been able to pin down the exact make. this is enough to go on though.

thanks again!

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Would $1000 be too much to ask for a car in this condition?

new engine rebuild / new paint / windshield / seats (need rework)

everything else looks stripped

I have no way to judge what the value might be...

suggestions would be appreciated





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yeah, hard to tell what year it is exactly, and from a little bit of googling seems like it could be the spitfire mk IV

It is not a Spitfire Mark IV. That car had smaller overriders (rubber blocks) for the bumper, and had a 1300 cc motor.

What you have is a 1975-1977 Triumph Spitfire 1500. If you look at the commission plate on the left side of the cowl it will tell you the commission number, which will tell you the exact year.


From Triumph Spitfire and GT6 Models discussed by year and available options:

reddot.gifwhitedot.gifSpitfire 1500

world: Nov. 1974 (1975 model year)-Aug. 1980, US/NA: 1973-80

UK/Europe: FH75001 onwards, US: FM28001U onwards (late 1979 & 80 used VIN numbers), U suffix for US, UC suffix for US California, O suffix for cars fitted with overdrive transmissions, L suffix for Right hand drive

95829 cars made (91137 excluding 73 & 74 models)

The last Spitfire made had the VIN: TFADW5AT 009898

More information...

It doesn't look like it would take much to make this car drivable, and (although the fresh paint can hide a lot of sins) the body looks very straight. There is hardly a part on the car that can't be ordered out of a catalog as a reproduction, making this one of the easiest cars on earth to restore!

If it's a running driver (even in this condition) it's easily a $2500-$3000 car. If it's restorable it's a $1000-$1500 car. However if there are frame issues or serious engine issues (a common problem with the 1500 cc motor as it only had 3 main bearings), it's probably only a $500 parts car. However if the car has a functioning overdrive you can add about $800 to all of those prices, and at least $2-300 for even a broken overdrive unit.

These are joyous cars to drive when they're set up correctly, and despite some serious shortcomings (mainly the engine) they are always in demand. Good luck with it! :cool:

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