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1929 dodge brothers dash instrument panel cluster


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I have sold these on e-bay in multiple sets and have got about half what your asking. Not saying its not worth what your asking Im just saying either the right guy has not come along or hang onto it a few years as parts are becoming more scarce.

I would like to have the control knob escutchions if you would like to sell them seperately.

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Yes I would LIKE ( dont need ) to have them and made an offer that I thought was fair already ;)

Would just go toward putting some other assy together so no rush

Let me know how and where to pay when you are ready :D

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Looking for something else and I just happen to run across what I knew I had somewhere, did Glen sell you the one he offered.

If not you can have this one, Id like to have the instrument cluster so maybe you would like to give me that?


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