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1910 Stanley Steamer

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Decided it is time to sell our 1910 Stanley Steamer 10 hp touring. This is one of the easies to operate fun to drive cars you will find, our family has just out grown it. It is an original car, and was on the cover of the Steam Car Club magazine in the 1950's. Was rerestored in the 1980's, and driven very little until we purchased it 5 years ago.

It is still very nice, with only minor cosmetic flaws. It has recently had a total engine rebuild with the "beef up" kit making the 10 hp engine almost bullet proof. Also had a complete pump rebuild by John Packard.


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In the "steam world" many of the cars that are currently in circulation are total reproductions. I have seen many Stanleys that do not have one piece of original anything, totally built out of either parts, or sometimes today they are built from total reporoductions parts. This was a real car, that was restored in the 1950's, then restored again in the 80's with a new wood body, as the originals start to "sag."

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