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True wireless remote control for your electric winch under $40

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I bought this universal true wireless remote on Amazon and installed it

on my new 9000 pound 12VDC electric winch - it works great !

The only thing - the larger control has the winch direction backwards

(the ' in ' function is actually the ' out ' function)

Also, there is a one second delay so if you are ' bumping ' your winch

to apply correct tension - you might want to use your wired control.

It works from 50 feet away from the winch installed in an enclosed

trailer for me - installation was relatively easy ...

Here is the link @ WINCH WIRELESS REMOTE KIT: Automotive


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Awesome! I have a remote winch but I think I can use this to make the retractable top on my Skyliner remotely controlled on the cheap. What are the dimentions of the remote?

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