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For Sale, 1937 Cadillac V12 imperial Limo

steve passmore

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Just wondering if there would be any interest from my American friends to import this 1937 Cadillac V12 Imperial back to the US from England as I believe it should come home. Only 400 odd made. Its been badly neglected in the past 10 years but is easily salvageable and is a grand old lady still. I saved it from a open yard near London where water, rodents and moth have taken their toll.

Some of the much work I have done is cleaned out the fuel system, flushed out all the brakes and honed the cylinders, Got the engine running on all 12, Engine sounds really good if a little tappety from the rockers but fires up instantly on the button, sounds powerful and doesn't smoke.

Fitted a new 8 volt battery and re trimmed the front chauffeurs seat in black hide. It had its running board mats replaced in the 80s from Steele's when you could still get them and they are still good.

Obtained some missing parts with the help of other great 37 owners on this forum.

Car now starts, drives and stops under its own power.

It requires the rear compartment re trimming, A re paint as its peeling and micro blistering all over. bumpers need chrome but the grill is very good. Where water entered through the rear screen rubbers this ended up in the tail section of the trunk and theres some rust out in this section, also has some rust in the underside of the front doors but very little, apart from that, straight and rust free.

I knew this car in the 80s when it was imported by a friend of mine and it was in mint condition absolutely rust free, just shows what can happen to a car in the wrong hands.

It has a sticker on the door pillar from a service it had in 1947 with 27,000 miles on the clock, it was imported in 1984 with 48,587miles and now has 54,000 with all the yearly roadworthy test certificates since. Checking the suspension and the underside I believe this mileage to be correct.

I was going to put it to auction but I don't think the UK is the place for this car to be appreciated and I would love to see her returned home.

I'm looking for £15,000 Sterling or best offer. As its a running car it could be exported on the ferry for around $1,000, you would have to check yourself of any other charges but there would be no import duties as the car was manufactured in the US. I could help wherever I could in transportation this side of the pond.

I cant add many pictures here but I have a lot more, email me at passmoresyankfarm@hotmail.co.uk or call UK 1454 313467 if anyones interested and wants to see more or wants me to take pictures of anything in particular.

Thanks Steve












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Guest hurst01

Beautiful car. I am in the process of building one for a friend and I have really come to like it. Sounds as though you have done a lot of work on the car but the price would be prohibitive for me to do anything with it. I hope you can find a good home for it. For some reason or another, it seems like I have talked with you before.


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