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Tan spray coating for matching interior

Buick City

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Most here have recommend SEM products. Many auto paint stores can supply SEM brand interior finish in factory matched colors. I do not have a tan interior (mine are burgundy and red) but I went to a Sherwin Williams auto paint location and had them custom mix interior colorant for my cars (was not SEM, but Sherwin-Williams own product line) which I shot with an HVLP paint rig, and came out great on the pieces I redid. I have no reservation recommending S-W product based on my experience with it.

I would check with your local auto paint stores or larger auto parts stores (or ask a body shop if they can refer you to one) that has SEM. If you cannot find that, then Sherwin Williams is a good bet also, but I don't know if there is one near you. Note that these products are usually not stocked at "regular" Sherwin-Williams locations (those that sell house paint). They have special stand alone auto paint stores (at least here in St. Louis) so bear that in mind.


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