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features on 1949 Plymouth wagons


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I've got a question about the 1949 Plymouth Suburban wagons. Are the tail lights as mounted approximately of the tailgate on this yellow wagon a 1949 model year characteristic? Are there any 1950-52 wagons with the tail lights mounted like this, or are all tail lights on 50-52s mounted at the bottom of the tailgate? And, I have seen some tail gates on 49-52s with the Plymouth script centrally mounted near the top. Is this correct for all 49-52s and is it according to trim level? By the way, I copied this image from the gallery of this forum - hope this is okay.


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From what I have learned, the 1949 Plymouth wagon taillights were mounted in the higher position unless it was a woody. The 1949 woody and the 1950 and on wagon had the lower taillight position. My own observations.

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