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2011 Springfield coverage

Guest Gary1953

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Guest studepeople

Hello Gary; I would say off hand that no one has yet sent an article into ASC to be published. There seemed to be a little rubbed feathers between the ASC chairperson and the SDC chairperson......By the way Merry Christmas neighbor........

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Guest Antique Review Editor

Hi Gary

I saw these posts and just had to sign in and answer them.

My name is Rick Peterson and I'm the Editor of the Antique Studebaker Review. I'm also the owner and webmaster to the The Antique Studebaker Club web site.

Just to let everyone know, as far as updating the web site to include the Springfield Meet, it is in the works.

Also for everyone's knowledge, the January/February issue of the Antique Review will feature the International Meet. Since I have been Editor, I have been doing the Meet issues in January and I see no change in the near future.

The Jan/Feb issue is being worked on (layout) as I type. If you are a member are a member of the Club, you will receive your issue sometime in January.

Now to explain, since I do both "jobs", I do not like posting pictures of any activity or Meet before it comes out in the Review.

As soon as the issue comes out in January, check out the web site for all the pictures that I have from the Meet.

Thanks for asking

Rick Peterson

Editor: The Antique Studebaker Review

Web Master: The Antique Studebaker Club

Now to answer studepeoples post

To answer your post, that is not true. I have actually received two nicely written articles that will be used in the Review. Along with the articles, I will be using my pictures along with 3 other ASC club member’s photos. I will be giving them credit in the magazine since they were kind enough to send them to me and to share with the membership.

All the covers of this issue are from the Meet and are also in color. I have also included numerous color photos inside.

The web page will have over a hundred photos of cars and members. Watch for it in January.

I hope these replies answers all the questions.


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