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1957 Wiper Motor Queston


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Hi, Gang. A gentleman has identified the Trico vac. windshield wiper motor I'm picturing as fitting 1957 Oldsmobile. I'm wonder if this wiper motor might also be correct for some models of 1957 Buick. It would be great if the '57 guys could take a look at my photos and give their opinions.

This Trico unit is has a body that is 5-1/4" long, with front mounting extensions that have holes at 5-13/16" center-to-center. The motor body is 1-3/4" wide, not counting the switch extension housing. The operating switch on the top is a slider. Top to bottom, this motor measures 3-3/4".

Thanks for any help. John





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Not correct for '57 Buick. The vacuum line has a shuttle valve built in and allows the vacuum pump designed to piggback to the oil pump to take over when engine vacuum drops. I assume that if the mounting configuration is the same as the Buick, the Olds unit could operate on engine (intake manifold) vacuum only. See attached thumbnails. - Dan




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