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1954 Imperial sedan

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I am a regular on the Buick forum and wanted to let the Chrysler people know about a car that needs to be saved.

I have a friend in central Texas that has a 1954 Imperial 4 door complete with factory air that need to find a good home. The car has been stored outside for several years, but remember this is Texas so there should be no major rust. This fellow has more cars than he will ever get around to putting back on the road and this car can be purchased quite reasonable (maybe for what the A/C is worth)

The car is black and the last time I saw it the glass was all there and it is NOT wrecked.

The car is about 25 miles East of Austin and 100+ NW of Houston.

I do not know if the owner has photos but we can get some.

Contact me with your email address and I will get you a phone number so the owner can answer your questions. He does have a computer but his wife uses it.

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For 1954, factory air would be quite a find. For 64 Imperials I suppose it was still optional but almost always installed, especially in southern cars.

I would like contact information.

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It it s 1954.........just discovered that the 5 and 6 keys are next to one-another, it could have been even worse (or rarer) if I had hit '44.

This person does have some other cars, but I have never looked closely at the condition. If you need Corvair parts, he can help you there. This is not a junk yard.

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