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1993 Flint UAW/BUICK CITY T-Shirt. 5 Millionth LeSabre Day!


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Size large. This is a unique commemorative shirt that was given to Flint Buick City UAW employees to commemorate the completion of the five millionth Buick LeSabre on March 25, 1993.

I don't want to overstate it, but this shirt is kind of special given the fact that the Buick City factory complex is now gone.

This yellow t-shirt is imprinted on the front and the back in dark blue. (NOTE: The blue imprinting on the front and back is MUCH darker than the photos appear. My camera flash washed it out.) This is a 50/50 shirt, made in the U.S.A. It looks to be in very good, overall condition. This shirt is clean, but has been used. There is NOT the kind of piling that a person would see from extreme wear. However, there are a few light stains on the front right below the "March 25, 1993". These are light enough that I can't get them to show up in the photos. There are also two, very small holes on the left shoulder. I've shown them in one of the photos. They are small, and I believe they could be mended, if desired.

This would be a fun shirt to wear around the garage, to a Buick show, or a car club meeting. It should be safe to assume no one else will be wearing one. Can you hear the question now...."hey, what did you do on the assembly line"? Get ready with a good story in reply!

The price is $7, plus $3 shipping in the U.S. I'm not set up for PayPal, but I welcome your personal check or a money order. Thanks for looking. John





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