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Special Lisle Oil Plug Wrench for 1987-92 Olds 4 cyl.


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I know these cars are fairly new, but I bet some of our members or their kids are driving them! If you've ever broken or had a problem with the big 3-1/4" oil drain plug on the 1987-1992 GM 4 cylinder engines....this is the specialty tool for you. These are the engines where the oil filter is located INSIDE the oil pan. I have a brand new, still packaged Lisle Oil Pan Plug Wrench for these GM engines for sale. For:

BUICK: 1987-1992

CHEVROLET: 1988-1992

OLDSMOBILE: 1987-1992

PONTIAC: 1987-1991

This tool will remove even broken the 3-1/4" drain plug on GM four cylinder cars where the oil filter is in the pan. Works even if the original hex on the plug has been rounded off. Simply install wrench into recess in plug and turn counter-clockwise to loosen. Reverse procedure to install. Works with 1/2" drive. Made in U.S.A. The tool I'm selling has never been used. I bought it to use, but then sold the car a short time later. This tool sells in the auto parts stores and online for $30 to $40.

The price on this new Lisle wrench I'm selling is just $15, plus $6 shipping anywhere in the U.S. Thanks for looking. John


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