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Reo dealer in Minnesota

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I am collecting photos and post cards which relate to early Reo cars and Reo factory in Lansing. Enclosed is a card showing 1907 Reo. At the bottom of the photo there is information which I quess tells that the Reo dealer is C.A. Smith Agent Bristol MN. The abbreviation for the state seems a bit unclear but I think there are letters MN and not NH. Was there a such Reo dealer in this small Minnesotian town?

Juha Kaitanen

Turku, Finland



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The two letter state designation (in this case MN) is a very modern thing. Any address prior to the '70s would have had "Minn" for my lifelong home state of Minnesota. New Hampshire abbreviated as "N. H." would have just been a minimal formality in a home-area market. Juha, all of your distant relatives in Minnesota say Hi! We love our Finns!

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Guest bill murray

Hejsan Juha:

I just found this thread and I have sent an email to the "Town Historian" for the village of Bristol New Hampshire.

If this person can be of any assistance, I will pass it on to you.


Bill Murray

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