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Guest Tejada4

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Guest Tejada4

Want to buy the clock face from a 1941 Dodge luxury Liner that is attached to the glove box door. Also the chrome wings that hold the Dodge emblem that is attached just below the hood.

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Guest whosnext244

I have the parts you need call me 2019823676

2x----- tinted headlight assembly with wiring and glass good chrome --------new in box

1x-----headlight assembly good chrome --------1x-clock rebuild kit

5x----- hubcap --------1x-oil filter

1x-----rosewood speaker grill with screen --------1x-seat covers

1x---- steering wheel dodge emblem$$ ------voltage regulator

2x---- dash clock ------water pump

1x-----dash clock assembly 2x------brake cylinders

2x------ wiring casing-1 is thicker

1x-----clock rebuild kit

1x----- cigarette lighter element

5x----- center hub cap

1x----- radio

1x-----radio smaller one

1x----- glove box cover with clock$$

1x----- smaallest motorola radio with extra knob


1x-----hood release latch coomplete

2x-----right braKE lamp complete$$$

1x-----left brake lamp complete$$$$

1x----- complete hood ornament with mount$$$$$$

1x--- hood ornament with glass

2x----broken hood ornament

1x ----dodge brothers crest$$$$$

2x-----brake light chrome housing no glass no witres no gasket

2x-----front foglight completw$$$$$$$

2X----- broken front foglight piece



4x---exterior door handles

7x---interior door handles

12x----window rollers

1x---right small glass window

1x----left small glass window

1x-----right large glass window

1x----left large glass window cracked

1x---- passenger mirror

1x----driver side spotlight with mirror

9x----Chrome bumper gaurds

3x----chrome bumper brush gaurds$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ guy from maryland

2x----- spool of wiring

3x----brake light glass

1x-----sun visor

2x---parking lense retainer left front

3x----parking lense retainer right front

3x------ parking lamp lense

1x---- unity switch

1x------wndshield wiper arm

2x-----chrome clock frame

2x ---chrome light bracket

2x----chrome light bracket smaller

1x----trunk latch housing

2x-----clear fog lens

1x-----light bulb wiring

1x----small light cover

1x-----exhaust deflector

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