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1938 Dodge 4-door headliner help

Guest Kensf53

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Guest Kensf53

I'am getting ready to install a new headliner in my 38 Dodge 4-door sedan, the metal strips above the doors where the headliner tucks under with the little teeth that holds the liner are rusted away. Does anybody have any or know what I can use in place of them? The first picture is where they screw onto the body, #2 goes above the driver door,#3 -close-up of the teeth that hold the headliner,there is one above all 4 doors.You put on the windlace around door then screw this strips on over the windlace then tuck headliner under the strips to hold the edges.




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It would help if you posted a picture of what they look like so that some ideas could be easier considered. First thing that pops into my mind is the serrated edges of a garbage bag box or something along them lines

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