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Series 695 - positive or negative ground?

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Subject says it all. When we picked up the car (see greenstutz.blogspot.com) the battery and cables were out. I'm sure we'll figure it out from the meter on the dash if we hook it up wrong, but asking first seems sensible. :)

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Hello Joagr,

My 1925 693 Stutz has a positive ground.

Have you thought about joining the Stutz club. We are always interested in new members and gathering data on the Stutz cars that are still around.

I would be interested in seeing photos of your STuTZ and knowing the engine number and car serial number as well as how you acquired it. I am in the process of updating and correcting the information in our club data bases and one of the biggest problems keeping track of a car that changes hands. We have approximately 150 STuTZ and HCS cars in the data base.

You can go to the club website at Welcome to the Stutz Club Online to get info on joining.

I hope you enjoy getting your 695 on the road.

Dan DiThomas

STuTZ Club Treasurer

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