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Due to an error printing the address labels on all of the membership renewal forms that were included with the Novenber / December issue of AA magazine many of the renewals being mailed now are missing the membership information. If you are mailing the form to pay your 2012 dues please write the membership number, name and address on the form.

Thank You







PS We tried to figureout a way to blame Steve for this, but it really isn't his fault (this time):D

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Guest Jim_Edwards
Hello girls,i know between 6 of you,he is to blame.

But the underlying question remains "blamed for what?" Shortage of free mints at the reception desk" Coffee not being from Starbucks? Microwave in break room not big enough to cook a turkey? Tissue in bathrooms not color coordinated and clashing with decor?

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I already mailed out the check for renewal and I also order the 75th book at the same time. This was before I received my Nov/Dec issue which I just received earlier this week. Am I ok?


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Guest Jim_Edwards

Might I suggest that a renewal notification be sent to all members with an E-Mail address via E-Mail with encouragement for them to renew on-line.

It's a lot faster and cheaper to renew on-line than fiddling around with writing a check and mailing it.

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