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Troy Sun-Shade or Windshield Name Tags

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For Sale: Troy Sun-Shade or Windshield Name Plates.

These Troy Sun-Shade or windshield name plates or tags were reproduced by Charlie Johnson for Tom Marshall's Auburn Heights vehicles. They measure 3" wide by ¾” high.

They are designed to fit on the windshield board of 1913 Stanleys and on the tube behind the pull handle on 1914 Stanleys.

Troy Sun Shades were also used on 1915 Stanleys and other vehicles of this era.

These tags come flat and are unfinished. They must be fit to your car. Some tags were placed flat on the wood windshield board and others were rounded to fit on the brass windshield tube.

Turn a piece of stock the same diameter as your windshield tube and carefully bend the tag around it. Then trim the tag above and including the dotted line. Don’t trim first or successful bending will be nearly impossible. Don’t forget to remove the plastic covering.

These tags are polished stainless steel, made with a paint-and-wipe method that makes the letters appear ragged because a thin bit of paint covers the letter edges.

After bending, cutting, and filing the tag to fit your car, buff the edges to create a smooth finish. Finally, take a fine cloth stretched over a flat stick such as a paint stick, and polished the raised letters with Brasso or a similar, very mild abrasive. This removes the excess paint and makes the letters stand out, without scratching the stainless or attacking the paint in the recesses.

With a minor investment in time and effort, you brass-era car will have a wonderful period addition name tag.

Order at Vintage Steam Products, LLC - Stanley Steam and locomobile parts and accessories..

Don & Carolyn Hoke

Vintage Steam Products


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