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Please help ID Alex Tremulis' Dad's Car...

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Guest streamliner

Here's a photo of Dr. Sarantos Tremulis driving around with his wife, Antoinette, along with his son and future car designer, Alex (the kid on the right). I don't know who the others are, but it sure looks like a day spent at the Field Museum (or the Columbian Exhibition's Palace of Fine Arts, depending if this is pre- or post-1921).

Sarantos was known for using the excuse for having to make urgent house calls to buy the "hot rods" of the day and regularly changed them out for whatever was the fastest of the new cars. Templars, Roamers, and Mercers were all at one time part of his automotive arsenal and certainly contributed to the delinquency of the minor, Alex.

So just what is this one, a somewhat more practical car that can carry more than one passenger but still cause concern for Mom in Chicago's brutal winters?

THANKS (again)!


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