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'34 Studebaker-based Pierce-Arrow What-If


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Some thoughts on what a follow-up to the 1933 836/1236 might have looked like had Studebaker and Pierce stayed merged or otherwise worked out a sharing arrangement. Compared to the 1934 Commander this 1934 Pierce sits on a 137 inch wheelbase and uses Studebaker's longer coupe front doors, the President sedan's 4 inch longer roof and Studebaker's rear fenders. Front fenders could have either been supplied by Studebaker and modified with fender-mounted headlights or carried over from the 836/1236 and modified with a more fulsome front apron in keeping with the times. Grill could have followed either the '34 Studebaker/Silver Arrow show theme or the design established by the rest of the '34 Pierce line-up. Lots of body styles were possible including a coupe, convertible and 7-pass car.

Does anyone have any info on what type of Studebaker-based follow-up to the 836/1236 was being planned by Pierce prior to Studebaker's implosion? Planning for the '34s would have undoubtedly advanced to a fairly mature stage by early 1933 when everything began to fall apart.





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