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carburetor question

Guest roysr

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I own a 1959 Rambler American with the 195.6 L-head with automatic transmission, it has a 1 barrel carter carburetor model YF 2757s. The standard transmission American came with the carter model YF 2014s carb.I just bought a carter model YF 3380s carburetor on ebay and would like to find out if this carb is for an automatic or standard transmission car.I would like to use it on my American if possible, where can I find information on this.:confused:

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If the 3380s carb has the correct bolt pattern and the correct throttle linkage connection it will surely work on your American. Plug any unused vacuum ports. Either Carter discontinued your carb model for the 1962 model year or the factory engineers in conjunction with Carter just optimized the design for that year. At any rate the carb should work for your car. The carb may actually run better than with the older carb. Check the air cleaner fastener hardware too. That could have changed. Some Carters used a wing bolt down through a yoke on the carb and some used a stud and wing nut.

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