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1960-65 Buick Nailhead Gas Filter Question


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Hi, Gang. I have some NOS AC Gf-61 gas filters and some NOS AC GF-94 gas filters here. I recall I purchased these for my '63 Riv (without A/C). The physical specs. of both these filters appear identical.

My question: Is either of these filter numbers more correct for the first generation Riv (without A/C)? I wonder why in the heck I bought two different part numbers over the years (that isn't a question!!). Thanks for any help. John<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

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Hi John,

I also have the same question. So, doing some research the OEM number is 5650780. Using that in the Fram cross-reference yields both GF61 and GF94 (as well as GF715) numbers that their G2 replaces. Obviously, G2 is not a OEM appearing replacement part, but may only functionally work.

AC Delco was the aftermarket arm of GM, and they made stuff that fit many makes. I would assume that there is some difference between GF61 and GF94, otherwise why would they have 2 of the same.

One clue that I recently read was that the '63 MY included a new fuel filter that was better than previous years. So I suspect that one of those has a different filtration spec than the other.

This is the exact text from the 1963 Buick Full Line Brochure: <tt><b><i>"Some important advances have taken place in this year's Wildcat engines, among them a new fuel filter that cleans gas more thoroughly and efficiently and lasts twice as long as previous filters;..."</i></b></tt>

I recall reading previous posts that Wix #33032 is a good replacement for our Rivs.

Interesting to hear what other members say.

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