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Sealing a countershaft


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Ian, you dont say whether its front or rear; in any case my memory is that a gasket is fitted between the joint faces of the bell housing at front and extension housing at rear to keep the oil inside the box, are these in place ??

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Guest Backyardmechanic

This could be cause by an oval shape hole from ware.One way to stop the leak is to clean the end of the shaft with carberator cleaner then smear with silacon gasket sealer.

Mopar makes a sealer just for sealing transmation lube.

Of course this is a quick fix. :) the right way is to do a tare down ,ream the hole and install new bushings or bush it for the bearing size if the transmation uses bearings.


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Guest DodgeKCL

This is a common problem with all those trannys from those years. I've never found a gasket or seal that fits that area in any parts book. I'd use one if anybody can give me a part number or the book it comes from?

What I do is ,using black RTV silicone rubber, I glue a large,thick, steel washer on to the transmission case so that the washer forms a 'housing' for the shaft. You may have to use more than one washer so that you end up with the shaft end being below the level of the washer(s). Then RTV a piece of sheet steel the same size as the washer diameter on to the washer effectivley encapsulating the shaft. Paint everything gloss black. This has held up for many years and since everything is black it's not readily visible but it stops the weeping of tranny fluid. Again, anybody who knows how the shafts were originally sealed I would love to hear from you. I've restored several and I've never found anything but the raw shafts coming through the case.

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You could also try adding a thicker lube to the box maybe mixed with what you currently have. Prob. wont stop the leak ( but may ) but I would think it would slow it down.

Our modern lubes simply do not have the viscosity of what was used back then so we have to get out the cookbook every now and then and add our own ingridients.

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