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Factory Markings on Build Type


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Hey everyone,

Talking to a fellow member and he suggested I start a few threads based on some photos of my 34 Dodge her saw.

This is the first one where on the Right Hand Side ( Drivers side in Australia ) behind all the trim, this was painted on the body panel.

It reads " Empire Maroon " " RHD " for Right Hand Drive and "DR" which is the model of my Dodge.

This begs the question has anyone else out there come across similar factory markings or was this done just for the few export models ?

I have contacted the Chrysler Museum and my build sheet, along with about 200 others, have gone missing. Just my luck !

I did read somewhere that there were only a few hundred 34's that were exported and from this I assume were sent all over the world. In Australia most of the chassis were sent over and TJ Richards build the bodies. Mine is an all steel body and was exported from the States and thats as far as I can find out. As to production / export numbers etc details are sketchy to say the least.

Anyhow, let us know if you have come across something similar and if you have a convertable did you still come across anything ?

I've attached a few photos of mine so you can see where it was located.





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I have seen photos now of about six examples of this same "hand coding" for Dodge vehicles of the '30's. They always show the original paint color written out, the model designation and something to do with the body style code. The most interesting I think was the one submitted here by Ian from his RHD export vehicle.

When looking at other photos of his car you can easily see it is a fully American made and exported Right Hand Drive style car. There are no markings from an overseas builder and the markings that ARE there are the same as I have seen with other American made cars.

This is going to be an interesting thread!

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