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1986 - 1993 under hood wing nuts

Barney Eaton

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See photos............ you Reatta or Riviera may be missing one or both of these black wing nuts that hold the black plastic panel in place at the top-back of the engine compartment.

The nut or retainer snaps into a bracket under the black panel and the wing nut goes thru the hole in the black panel and with 1/4 turn, locks in place.

Retainer (GM # 25515544) is $2.00 each

Stud /wing nut (GM # 1637234) is $2.00 each

Shipping a flat $2.00 per order.<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

<FIELDSET class=fieldset><LEGEND>Attached Thumbnails</LEGEND>105205d1320241126t-under-hood-plastic-wing-nuts-thumb.jpg 105206d1320241126t-under-hood-plastic-wing-nuts-quarter-turn.jpg


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I just bought a pair of each of these from Barney and they're perfect. It's a whole lot easier (and less expensive) to get the new ones from Barney rather than driving all over town looking for old ones. Even though I had the retainers in place, they were old and brittle; it best to replace both pieces on each side. They're also the same fastener that hold the header panels in place above the headlights.

Thanks again Barney.


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Another possible reason to get them from Barney is something called "unit pack quantity". Translation? The minimum quantity per container whicih GM will sell to the dealers. If you went to your local GM dealer, they'd probably want you to buy the complete "bag" rather than just one or two out of it, especially if they didn't normally stock these items.

Plus, if perchance GM starts selling a different/superceded part for these parts, it'd be better to let Barney be the distributor for these things as he knows more about what he's looking at that the (with all due respect) GM partsperson at a dealership. End result . . . less drama and you know you're getting what you need!



//PS . . . as a long-time Certified GM Parts Consultant, I have a good idea of what many of my associates know about earlier-vintage vehicles. //

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I bought a number of pairs and some additional retainers from Barney a couple of weeks ago. Thanks Barney.........

A few years ago, I needed the fasteners and found that Vintage Parts had them....at over $17 each piece!!! So, needless to say that Barney's prices are more than excellent.

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