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Can you identify this car/truck?


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Hi guys,

A mate of mine has been given this for free and it is awaiting pick up but he would like to know what make the car/truck. We think it is a pick up truck but cannot be certain and these are the only photos of it we have and we cannot get more with going on a 5 hour roadtrip. Any information is appreciated.

Regards, Tristan.




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Guest DodgeKCL

I'm surprised that the Aussie climate is that hard on old cars. It doesn't look any different than if it had been left in the open in Canada. But it appears to be a 1928,'29 or '30 Plymouth 4 cylinder 'something' ,obviously right hand drive. Knowing you Aussies have Utes etc. down there, and I see no body, I can't tell what style of vehicle it was. The spark plug wire tube, the front distributor, the 2 bladed fan on the generator and no water pump give it away.


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Thanks for that DodgeKCL,

Someone told me that it may have been a Dodge hence why I posted it in here. Yes unfortunately the Aussie weather certainly eats away at metal which makes restoring things that have been sitting outside for a long so much harder. My mate thinks from memory that under the diff was the remains of a flat bed.

Regards, Tristan.

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Many automobile chasis were converted to pick-up trucks during fuel rationing era as a person with a truck was allowed more fuel if I remember correctly so it would not surprise me if the vehicle in question did not start out possibly as an automobile.

Dodge trucks and possibly other lines used Plymouth engines as well adding to the confusion.

If you were to happen to find a frame number ( looks like there may be enough of the frame left ) than I am sure someone here could be of more help in identifying the type of vehicle.

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