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Good speedometer restorer

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My '53's speedometer bounces around when it's cold...It doesn't make noise, but I have a feeling it may need some service. Anyone know of a good speedometer repairer? Obviously, I don't need to break the bank either, so I guess I'd like someone who does a good job at a fair price...Thanks!


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I would try lubricating the speedometer cable first. You can use white lithium grease or graphite. Remove the cable at the speedometer, pull out the inner cable and lube it. A very thin coating worked into the cable is all that is needed. Do not use too much. Be sure there is no extra lube in the top portion of the cable that secures to the speedometer. If any lube gets forced into the speedometer it will damage the unit. Other members may have different recommendations as to what lubricant to use. Good luck.

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