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RHD Buick accelerator pedal


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I have never seen any, but do not look for 1920's literature.

Australia may be place to look as many Buick's made / sold here in the 1920's

I have 1 only parts book (1923-1939) published by the NASCO division of GM Holden (Australia). Has RHD parts listed but no drawings

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not sure if you noted, but the foot pad of your pedals are of totally different shape of what 28 pedals looked like, regardless they are LHD or RHD. Yours are rather square and vertical while typical shape is oval and horizontal with "catches" preventing foot slide off...


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In New Zealand there is for sale a 1929 Buick (RHD). It is at

Buick 1929 | Trade Me

I know it's not 1928 but there are photos (including removed floor boards) which might give you some ideas on the pedal set up.

If you want future access to the pictures you should save them now because the auction site will take the item down a certain time after the auction closes.

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