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1926 Stearns-Knight 6S Roadster

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SOLD SOLD SOLD to a collector in Finland.

Update 8/2/2012: So, we had been driving this car regularly and it was running like a high speed locomotive. Until last week....

A knock developed in the engine-it could be either a connecting rod knock or a knock from one of the sleeve valve "small" rods-or something else, I am really not sure. Either way there is a knock and it needs to be repaired and should not be driven any more until that repair is made. Of course, we shut it off immediately, drained the oil (no metal parts that we could find), drained the coolant (no signs of oil in the coolant). So, now we are faced with fixing the engine, or selling it "as-is, where-is and non-running" for a greatly reduced price. In its current non-running condition, we will now sell the car for 40,000.00. This is a great opportunity for a mechanically inclined person to get into a significant Full Classic for a reasonable price.

Price reduced to 59,500.00

1926 Stearns Knight Model 6-S Roadster. 65HP, 130" wheelbase chassis. This car is formerly from the Paul Sterns Collection and is believed to have been originally owned by F.B. Stearns of the Stearns Company in Cleveland, Ohio. The car was fully restored by Paul Sterns in about 1970 and has been in storage ever since being purchased in the mid-1970s. Since being removed from storage, the car has been cosmetically detailed and mechanically serviced including a fully rebuilt fuel system-restored gas tank, carburetor, etc, full tune up, etc. The engine starts and runs well. The car drives well. Excellent paint, upholstery, top, rumbleseat, nickel plating, etc. This is a rare, honest and correct car with great history. It is believed that there are only couple of surviving roadsters on the large, 6-S series, 130" wheelbase chassis. A great Nickel Era roadster that is also a Full Classic. Asking 87,500.00 but will consider all offers. Located near Detroit, Michigan. Please call 734-730-4274 or motoringicons@hotmail.com to schedule a viewing or for more information.








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These engines are really not that complicated. There are a few guys out there that specialize in rebuilding them and they are not that expensive. If it is a knock, it might just need new babbitt poured in the rods. Not a big deal.

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The current AACA magazine has a fine article on the Stearns Knight to get someone motivated. That article features some experts on SK so there is expertise out there. I know little of them but just reading the article impressed me

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Nice big roadster from Stearns Knight. They may have had an unorthodox engine design but you see it had full six intake & six exhaust ports, as well as a crossflow engine design thus giving 65 horsepower in early years without a complex cylinder head. Most overhead valve engines were not even crossflow (intake on opposite side of engine from exhaust). Modern overhead cam engines are nearly universally a crossflow design which generally gives better power & possibly better efficiency.

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