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Help on 54 Skylark restoration

Guest Barkmw

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I posted on the 54 Buick Skylark Forum so I apologize if this redundant for some of you. I am restoring a 54 Skylark and I am wanting to understand what the wheel well color should be as well as what color the convertable top should be? Also should the fabric be viynl or cotton? If there are any factory guide lines I would appreciate the info. In general are there any judging criteria available as I hope to enter the car at various AACA sanctioned events in 2012. I appreciate the feedback.

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Re: wheel well color.....

Depending on the body paint color, wheel wells coming out of the factory were "usually" painted RED or WHITE. There are stories out there about stainless steel wheel well panels and painted black ones. What color were you planning on painting your body?

Re: convertible top color.....

1953 and 1954 Buick Skylark factory convertible top colors were either BLACK or WHITE.

Re: convertible top fabric.....

1953 and 1954 Buick Skylark factory convertible tops were of an ORLON material.....no longer available. According to the BCA Judging Bible, a cloth or fine-point vinyl material is an approved substitute material. HAARTZ CLOTH or STAYFAST is a common top material being used on the Skylarks today. I don't know what the AACA rule book says.

Re: Jenkins from North Carolina.....

If you plan on calling them, let us know if they are still in business.

Are you planning on keeping the TRIM, PAINT, and TOP the same as what your BODY BY FISHER cowl tag says?

Al Mack

"500 Miles West of Flint"

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Thanks for all of the responses to my questions!! 1953Mack asked what color I am painting the car and I will be sticking with the original color on the cowl tag, Malibu Blue or paint code 11 and also called out trim code 67 which is light blue over darker blue for the interior. I did have an interesting discussion with a 54 Skylark owner who believes (based on a third parties overheard discussion with Buick factory personnel, said to be Bill Mitchell who was a Harley Earl assistant), that the wheel wells should be painted to compliment the interior color. No idea if this is true but its the first logical explanation I have heard as to why wheel well colors were picked. I have not heard of any judging issues with color of wheel wells and I guess thats because there are no written factory guidelines.

Are there any judging guidelines/forms that judges use to check off as they judge the 400 point Buick scale??

Thanks again

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