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Door Handle Removal on 25 ??


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I hope someone can help with this. I was trying to remove the door hadles to begin prepping the doors for priming and ran into this (see pic). I used a plastic face hammer to tap the handle out of the mechanism and... crack. It won't come out any further and I'm afraid to hit it any harder. Also, is the escutcheon supposed to rotate when you turn the handle?


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I did finally get the escutcheon unscrewed and the door handle off. Now another door question: I'd like to remove these sockets (for side curtains, I believe) from the tops of the doors. Does anyone know if the tabs are welded? They don't want to move but it's hard to tell what is holding them to the oval ring.



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Guest 4 bufords

don't know if this is anono but need to ask how to get the tail light bezels off my 57 super.i took off two long bolts near the bottom but something is holding the top.afraid i'll screw something up,4 bufords from ct

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