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Lower Top Manually on '40 Cabriolet

Ron K.

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I am a new member and I just acquired a 1940 Cabriolet, I have no manuals yet and have a couple of questions. The engine is not running (last run in '58) and I would like to lower the top, can the motor be disconnected and the top lowered without vacuum? Does this vehicle have a cable release for the hood and where is it located? I appreciate any help that you can give me. By the way the serial number is H98364 and the previous owner was a member of the LCOC. Thanks. Ron

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Nice Job, lets see it!! The top is lifted and lowered by a couple big vacuum cylinders in the armrests. Each one has a plunger that joins the folding mech just above the upholstry height..It is a chrome fork looking thing with a shft that dissapears ..take a decent light...It should be obvious...stepped crossbolt with nut comes right out..plunger may be stiff..but it will push down..lower top

or..have a friend or 2 present...press the top button in manually push the top with even pressure as not to break soft wood bows..push top into down position..against the resistance of the air cylinders...if system is good, you will here air rush sound as it lowers..

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