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I left home in Duluth MN last Saturday on my way to Texas and went slightly out of my way. I went by way of Raleigh/Durham NC, about 1400 miles out of my way.

I delivered some hoods there to one local person and one fellow who drove down from the DC area. It is always nice to meet Reatta owners personally and this was a nice experience. I also had the chance to stay at Ed and Kitty Farnell's home and that is always a good time.

Anyway---------------On my way there, I found Reattas in U Pull Its in Indy, Winston/Salem, Columbia and the best one was in Atlanta. The '90 in Atlanta had been put in the yard about one hour before I got there and was complete. I got a very nice headlight switch, an IPC, CD player with harness and four very nice center caps among lots of other parts. My truck now has wayyyyyyyyyy more parts in it than when I left home.

I should be home Tuesday night.

Hope everyone is having a very nice Thanksgiving today.


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I did want to stop and visit but just not enough time.

One fellow drove down from the DC area and we were all supposed to meet at 2:30 PM Sunday afternoon. As I was going through Winston/Salem right there on the freeway was the U Pull It so naturally I had to stop. Found the Reatta and that put me over an hour late meeting the folks getting the parts from me. We changed hoods on the fellow's car who came down from the north and by then it was getting dark. I still had a four hour drive to Farnell's and got there at 10PM.

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