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rear main oil leak


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The mounting angle of 2 to 2-1/2 deg's of the V12 has little to do with oil leaks at the rear main unless the cork seal at the rear of the pan is bad. Most likely the leak is due to a worn rear main bearing. The slinger seal effectiveness can be overcome by too much clearance and crankshaft end play. A small amount oil leakage, ocausional drip, is normal. As the bearings wear the leak becomes greater. The ball check in the rear main drain tube is supposed to curb any oil leak if the car/engine is parked on steep up-grade.

PCV systems help vent the engine with fresh air and help eliminate those smelly fumes coming from the filler pipe. The original design with the vent tube from the intake manifold to the air cleaner work fairly well if the passages under the manifold and in air cleaner are "clear". They can become pretty clogged up.

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The hardest part of "rear main oil leak" is figuring, where is the actual leak?? The rear main is a splash shield at best and unless converted to rope style will leak some....but, the rear of the oil pan has gasket/ cork seal that can be tricky...and will cause massive leaks when parked, and can get into the clutch etc..

Has your pan been off ?? thats the next move..just try look at the seals when taken apart for missing or curled cork rear seal..........

If the engine is knocking...stop now and just pull it for crank kit..( update rear seal by cutting off slinger) (show him Peech)

I dont think "actual rear main bearing" leaks can be repaired without

a tight fitting machined crank..which usually means rebuild..

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