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1936 Dodge


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Mine was done with the front sheet metal removed. But you may be able to squeeze it out by removing the hood to start then the transmission, clutch, bell housing and flywheel from below. (You will have to find a way to support the engine when the bell housing is removed as it carries the rear engine mounts as I recall.) Then remove the hoses, water pump, pulley, generator with bracket and fan before removing the grille shell support rods and radiator, all out the top.

That MAY give you enough room to lift the engine straight out the top.

I don't think you have to remove the grille shell itself, but you may find it easier if you also get the side fender splash aprons and front wheels off just for ease of side access.

Like Ron said, NEVER easy. :(

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I think the easiest, fastest and safest method is to remove the bonnet, grill and front guards. That way you have no risk of damaging anything, and engine and gearbox come out as one.

I agree.

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