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1941 Chevy Special Deluxe Coupe

Guest nitro4you75

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Guest nitro4you75

Hi, I'm looking for a bunch of misc parts for one of these if anyone knows where to find this stuff used would be great..or new

Driverside lower front door Hinge

Inner Windshield Moldings

Left rear 1/4 Glass

Trim for front grill - I saw new for 1500.....id like to NOT spend that much.

Outer Door Handles

PM me or email me.

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Guest coupemeister

Heya, i found several parts just doing a google search. Glass is cheap. windsheilds for like $65.00 side windows for $24-$25 . im at work or i would link some of the sites. will try to do so when i get home this eve.

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