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Our Newest Desoto

Guest dansin1923

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Guest dansin1923


We just acquired a 1951 Desoto 4 Door Custom. As we are just now starting to lift the hood, kick the tires, and dig into the details, and as we do we are generating questions. It appears as if the car has been repainted a non-original color. It is a pale grey, but the inside of the trunk has some metalic blue. The upholstry is destroyed, but i was some form of blue, with the brown wood grain look metal dash.

I have the color trim body tag, with the original codes, but I'm having trouble finding out their meanings. I saw in this forum that someone else had posted their tag and got their details, so I guess that is my first question.

Thanks in advance.



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Guest dansin1923

Thank you for the replies. Here are a couple of shots we took the day it was delivered to us. I'm sure I'll have more questions soon enough.

'51 Desoto - a set on Flickr

A couple of quick notes:

-the speedo does not work, it was disconnected inside the dash, I had hoped that simpy screwing it back was going to fix that, but alas...

-Desoto's head will light up on the hood soon; somewhere along the line, someone tried to wire it and got the ground backward. I tried to dig into the switch to get it wired correctly, but ran out of time

-the car runs solid, shifts pretty good, stops on a dime

-unfortunately, we are just about out of season here in Michigan...

Thanks again.

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