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79 - 85 owners - need your opinion


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I was just contacted by an ROA supporter/vendor I've know for some time and he was asking my opinion of 79 - 85 Riviera bumper fillers. Apparently he has been contacted by another guy who wants to know if there's a market for these bumper fillers if they're more like the OE ones than the ones you can buy now. He has apparently collected enough OE fillers to be able to make some new ones in the same style as the OE ones. They'd be made of ABS, but they'll be injection molded as were the originals.

All I'm asking you for is your opinions.

  • Are you satisfied with what's now available?
  • Would you replace the two piece kind with OE type one piece kind
  • What would you be willing to pay for OE quality parts
  • Are there still enough cars that need fillers out there to go through the R&D process?

Just post your replies to this forum, no PM's thanks, I'd like for everyone to view your thoughts as well.

The guy will be buliding some Cadillac fillers first - I wasn't told for what model - and the first ones should be ready in the next couple of weeks. Depending on what comes out of the mold, my friend will then make a decision on whether or not to take the next step in having the Riv fillers produced. Your opinion will help him. I know nothing more than what I've posted here.



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Guest wildcat465

Ed, I think this generation Riv is going to be more collectable. Most people who drive one get hooked. I certainly did.

I would be interested in a filler that looks/installs more like OE.

Price would need to reflect the quality of the product, so that question is tough.

My family these days, and throw in Kevin, can ALMOST rival the quantity of these cars as the two fine gentlemen above. :D Definitely a market there.

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Still looking for a 79-85 car and if these bumper fiillers were available I would buy 2 sets at just about any reasonable cost even if a little high. One would go on the car if needed and the other would be in a dark heat/cold stable place as a back up.

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Guest mark1950m

There is definitely a need for them, and probably a fairly large number of owners that would purchase good quality stuff at a reasonable price. Not just for the Riviera either but for all 79 to 85 E and K Bodied cars.

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Guest TwoDoorBuickMan

I believe there would be a market if the quality is there. The ones currently offered fill the holes, but I have never been totally satisfied with them. I don't like the extra seams.

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Guest northmn

If they can be made perfectly like the originals I would go for it but i have serious doubts he can do it after sampling the fibreglass and plastic ones available on the market now. These fillers most definitely have a very serious quality control problem to say the least. I spent 4 weeks and 2 gallons of structural fibreglass, cloth,liquid, chopped strand mat etc to get mine right. I'll have to see them to believe he can do it . LOTS OF LUCK!

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