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1925 DB "Spanish leather"

Steve Suttle

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What the hell is 'blue Spanish leather'?

The sales literature states that the seats in open cars are finished

in this material. Is 'Spanish leather' a euphemism for vinyl or leatherette or was cowhide actually used. If so, does anyone know what color blue this


I certainly remember "rich Corinthian leather" in the Chrysler Cordoba.

As it turns out, Ricardo Montalbam claimed some years later that he invented that term while filming the TV commercials. There really wasn't any such thing.

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Interesting, Steve. I notice that you have discovered 'blue Spanish leather'. When I posted a question about the leather in open cars, I too had no response. I suggested that maybe Nappa leather may have been used but if that were the case, I feel sure it would have been mentioned. I have yet to hear from anyone who can give a definitive answer but I would think that real leather is most likely to have been used because of the market that these cars were aimed at . However, this is just my supposition. I guess we wait to see what the more knowledgeable members have to say about 'blue Spanish leather'.


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I google Spanish leather and come up with a song by Bob Dylan, I guess Google does not want to be my friend

Oh I almost left out evidently Nancy Grifith did a song titled Spanish leather as well.

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I love Nancy Griffith! Ever heard her rendition of "Shenandoah"


I think my original point as been missed.

I'm sure they make great leather goods in Spain and I am sure that they did so in 1925, but what I was wondering was if "Spanish leather" as advertised by DB at the time was just another euphemism for "leatherette" or vinyl.

Many manufacturers used such terms to describe a faux leather interior in the 1920s.

I've seen such terms in auto literature from various manufacturers.

It also seems that a black car with blue wheels and gray running boards would look like a circus wagon with blue upholstery, so I am guessing the color was rather dark.

Anyway, my interior is black vinyl, and serviceable as is, so I think I'll just stand pat.

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I did not miss your point but was only getting sidetracked with some humor, there is a fellow with screen-name trim car and he posts here every now and then. He seems to know a bit concerning interiors. Maybe he can answer your question, I am also curious. If you do a search on this site using his name you will find his posts. Send him a P.M maybe.

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