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The wife seems to like the 1929

Guest sintid58

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Guest sintid58

When I first told Tina I was had went to the auction site and looked at our 29 she was not happy at all. Then I showed her pictures of the car and the more she thought about it the more she thought we should try and buy it. 2 days before the auction we had to leave for California in the truck so I hadmy son primed and ready to go to the auctionand bid on the car for me. I had a price in mind for the car and had pretty much set that as a high limit. The day of the auction we unloaded in the morning in Los Angeles and then headed for Salinas to pick up a load. Tina was driving when the car started to sell and I was on the phone with Robert. As the car approached my preset limit Tina said we needed to go higher than I wanted and she talked me into bidding more, eventually we bid about 2500 more than I planned on it to get it but she was almost dancing in the drivers seat because she was so happy. She does enjoy the other cars but everytime I see her walk past the 29 she pats its fender like she is greating an old dog that she is very fond of. I have to laugh every time I see that.

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