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1930 Plymouth Tools

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I'm looking for any tools that came with the 1930 Plymouth to complete a set for my car. These are hard to identify as they were not labelled, but maybe someone knows what they look like. I already have the tire iron and the crank starter handle. Please send me a PM if you have any for sale.

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Guest willeys41

I have a couple sets of complete tools for 29-30 DeSoto which iam sure there the same but waiting until my 29 sells before i listed all the extras i have.Will let you know,it is on e-bay now.Thanks

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Thanks for the photos. According to the 1930 Plymouth owners manual, each one came with the following. Are these the same for your 29-30 DeSoto? Looks similar to the '31 Dodge tools. I assume they are:

1) Wheel rim wrench

2) Wheel hub cap wrench

3) Brake Cylinder Bleeder hose assembly

4) Brake Cylinder Bleeder hose connection

5) high-pressure lubricant gun

6) Tire pump

7) Auto jack

8) Auto jack handle

9) Starting crank assembly

10) #1 wrench

11) #2 wrench

12) Push rod adjusting screw wrench

13) #4 wrench

14) Pliers

15) Screwdriver- large

16) Hammer

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