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1996 Century Front License Bracket ??

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My daughter's '96 Century doesn't have a bracket on the front bumper to attach a license plate. We've moved to South Dakota and there's 2 plates on cars here. Anyone have an idea or has run into this, does Buick make one that bolts on. I haven't found one. I'll probably buy some universal one and have to modify the hell out of it to make it fit - Murphy's Law and all. Thanks in advance. :confused:

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ONLY new vehicles shipped to states which require front license plates received the attachment items as factory equipment. This would have been a plastic "holder" and appropriate attaching hardware.

In some cases, all that was shipped with the vehicles was the package of attachment hardware. Possibly, there are two slight dimples in the front bumper cover? If so, that's the "guide" to drill holes for the appropriate screws to hold the license plate on.

When you get to the new resident state, go to a GM dealer and ask the parts counterperson to pull up the parts illustration of the front bumper and related items. IF there's a factory bracket, it should be in that picture or in the appropriate parts group. If not, it's some sheet metal-type flange headed, hex headed "screws". They should have something on hand that would work.



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I think your easiest solution is to go to the salvage yard and find a nice plastic bracket from a similar GM car (Regal is the same body as the Century) They generally bolt in place but some of the guys with show cars are using tricks like industrial strength velcro to attach the front plate (because they take them off for shows)

I just make one for my Reatta after they wife got a warning. In the case of the Reatta, the front bracket screws into the rub strip and I could not bring myself to run the screws into a unmolested front rub strip. I used a Riviera front bracket (25556786) that is still available new, 22551295 is a Grand AM bracket that is similar, both are under $20 retail new.

At the top, I made brackets that slipped under the rub strip to hold the top and used the standard Reatta brackets at the bottom (the Reatta lower brackets look like steel fuel line that has been flattened on the ends with a hole drilled in each flattened end. Each end is bent at a 45 degree angle, they go thru the grill and attach to the back side of the bumper reinforcement.

I am sure you can find something that will work on the Century.

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