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25 DB Coupe project


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Here are some pics of my Son Ken's 25 DB Business Coupe project. We started out with a $500 pile. Most of it had been a homemade tractor. Ken took the body to school and did the rust replacement and welded on the complete trunk area as it had been cut off long ago to make it a pickup. He also did most of the wood for the top in woodshop. It has required a parts car or 2 and while the body was at school we put a 24 roadster body on his 24 frame and he drove it that way for a couple years. We sold the roadster. As I said, another parts car provided the correct 25 frame and more pieces. We sanded and painted the frame, repairing bushings, springs etc. New tires on freshly painted 20" wheels. The body is going to be the wheel color, along with black fenders. After all the rust repair, everything was prepped and painted with POR-15 underneath and outside. The stuff works really well. Hard as nails. Smooths out pitted sheet metal extremely well. All was applied with a brush. It leaves no brush strokes. I had mentioned in another post that POR-15 has no UV protection and goes flat after a while if left in the sun. This car has been driven regularly as it is being rebuilt. Looked really shiney in the sun. It's all flat looking now. I will post some current pics later











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Guest danceswithpumps

Awesome job! :)

You gotta love those before and after pics to realize all the work that goes into the cars.

Thanks for posting.:)


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Well to be perfectly honest I "carefully" selected the pictures. While it is a vast improvement over what we began with, it is a long way from great. But thank you everyone for your kind words.

Indeed when I look back on what we started with I am reminded of my 1st impressions of the car. DBC member Dave Johnson had pieced this together from the remains of a homemade tractor. Everything that was yellow was from that. A friend of mine wanted to make payments to Dave J. to purchase the car, Dave wisely declined. I thought maybe I should buy it so off I went to the Johnson residence. After visiting for a bit Dave told me my friend Loren had bought the car. I looked at it again and said how pleased I was to have NOT bought it!

So some months later Loren offers to sell me the car with the even worse remains of another 25 coupe. Loren paid Dave J. $450 for the car, I paid Loren $500 with the parts (?) car and it was 4 miles away now instead of 46!

Most of us know it is cheaper to buy a finished car, but look at all the fun of making something out of nothing and the thrill of the chase for those elusive parts! Plus, if you are like me, you don't have a large wad of cash to buy a finished product but can manage a few bucks here and there. I am much more proud of a driver I build than a nice one I only purchased. I have said many times I could sell all my cars and buy one good one!

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