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Could this be German made Stoever?

Juha Paavo Kaita

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Guest Casper Friedrich

Maybe a Stoewer Typ B 6/16 PS 1910-12? It had an engine capacity of 1,5 litre, there was also an only slightly larger Typ B 6 with 2 litre engine. Three-quarter elliptic rear-springs and wooden spokes according to Hans Henrich von Fersen's Deutsche Autos 1885-1920. In that book there are drawings of the succeeding Typ C1 and C 2 from 1913. They look very similar to the Finnish car, but they have wire wheels.

After WWII Polski-Fiats were made in the old Stoewer factory.

BTW isn't the car's licence plates from the capital Helsinki? The Paige from 1914/1915 that you posted two years ago had an only slightly higher number.

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Pity about the position of the numberplate but magnification of the wheel hubs deffinately suggests Stoewer. We had a 1912 C 2 on our Help Pages as per attached. I dont think the enquiry one is earlier. I would be interested if Juha could optically magnify the hub and confirm. It seems a bit clearer at the back but slightly rotated.




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Casper - you are right! The Stoever was registeres in Helsinki. I don´t know when they started to use registration plates like this. The earlier plates were like H:fors and number. The first registration plates came into use in Helsinki year 1907 and in Turku 1911. The registration plate in this Stoever is A 557.

Vintman - I try to get you a close up ohoto of the rear hub.

Thank you so much for your help - again!

Juha Kaitanen

Turku, Finland

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